For the past 25 years Coronado Instruments Ltd has been servicing Canadian Hospitals, Clinics, and Veterinary Hospitals in the area of Surgical Instrument repair and Fabrication. We work with Alberta Health Services and would welcome the opportunity to work with you to keep your instruments in optimum working order. Working closely with our customers and ensuring their needs are met, we have established great working relationships that allow us to offer custom services while saving time and money. We work with each customer to determine the level and frequency of service best suited to their needs.

Our shop is located in Calgary, Alberta. All of the instruments, without exception, are repaired on site using medical grade parts. Our repair capabilities include all hand held instruments in all areas of surgery. Types of repairs to these instruments are diverse. Standard applications would include sharpening of all cutting edges, realigning jaws, resetting ratchets, replacing T.C. Inserts, approximating tips and jaws, replacing insulation, springs, screws and small parts, de-burring, straightening and refurbishing. If instruments cannot be repaired due to cracks and pits they are returned to the client as unrepairable at no cost. We believe we offer the lowest repair costs, and highest quality craftsmanship on the market today.

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